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Menstrual Market 101


Our mission is to smash period stigma and misinformation through intergenerational storytelling, events, and the arts.

Menstrual Market was founded with a mission to erase period stigma and lack of menstrual health awareness in communities of color.  Since 2023, we've been partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations to make our vision a reality. We're proud to say that our mission have given many BIPOC people with periods a safe space to share their stories and a chance to transform generational stigmas in their communities.

Our work is fueled by an unshakable belief in opportunity for women and people with periods. We put our hearts into each of our efforts and celebrate every step forward we make! Thanks to our dedicated staff of volunteers and donors, we're creating a future that holds a greater tolerance for menstruation, more access to health information, and better educated communities.

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Why changing the cycle matters

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How we smash period stigma: Our Pillars

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By connecting the period stories within our families, we create future change. Black and Latino families are the most unlikely groups to discuss periods within their families. By encouraging generations of women to talk about periods together, we open up the conversation and help families recognize hereditary menstrual related health issues sooner.

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Through poetry, books, and art, we give voice to a taboo topic that doesn't have one. By producing media, exhibits, and stages for artists to safely express their period experiences, we reduce period shame and create a safe space for others to share their stories in whatever form that works best for them.

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Menstrual health doesn't just affect people with periods, all people they encounter are impacted! Whether you have a periods yourself or are a parent, sibling, caregiver, coach, educator, employer, we partner with organizations to create the tools talk about periods to anyone with confidence.

Meet the Board

Meet the amazing people behind the scenes at Menstrual Market, Inc

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Nicky Dawkins

Founder/Board President

Dr. Carolina Amaya

Board Member/Vice President

LeeBetsy Charon

Board Member/Treasurer

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Nycole Jones

Board Member/Advocate Advisor

Coralina Rodriguez

Board Member/Art Advisor

Ashley Eubanks

Board Member/Education Advisor

Meet the Team

Meet the incredible volunteer team that keeps Menstrual Market flowing!

Smiling Girl
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Audrey Lemm

Community Coordinator

Stefania DeGracia

Student Intern


Student Intern

Our Partners

Collaboration Is the Key to Success

Our work would not be possible without the valuable partnerships we have. Thanks to the businesses, organizations and institutions that sponsor and collaborate Menstrual Market, we are able to make a long-lasting impact. We are so grateful!



Our Miami-Dade service partner

PERIOD stands by their values and offers ongoing service support to Menstrual Market, never forgetting the needs of the people we serve. We appreciate the chance to learn from and work with such loyal partners.

The Beauty Initative


Our Broward service partner

The Beauty Initiative, Inc, works to connect women in need with the resources that can help them succeed in our sister city of Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County. We could not reach as many people as we do in South Florida without their support

The Miami Foundation


Our Earliest Supporters

Together with The Miami Foundation, Menstrual Market was able to get it's feet off the ground on Give Miami Day! Their dedicated staff and their network of experts are a winning combination that speaks volumes to the amazing nonprofit community we have here in Miami..

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We're Stronger Together

Every year, Black Moms Miami supports one of our larger Menstrual Market initiatives. In addition to helping us with collecting products and donated funds, Black Moms Miami gives us their valuable time and platform, pitching in to ensure that the program they back is a resounding success.

Contact Us

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Monday: Closed  

Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 4pm
​​Saturday: Closed
​Sunday: Closed


Menstrual Market

8325 NE 2nd Ave


Miami, FL 33138


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